Immersion into What Makes Scottsdale Tick Topped with the Science of Leadership

Bosse_Tammy Headshotby Tammy Bosse, Class 15

I have always had a love of community involvement.  For many years prior to participating in Scottsdale Leadership, I was primarily focused on my work: futures planning in Phoenix and transforming the Arizona Capitol Mall Area around our State Capitol.

Then I decided to spend some quality time gaining a better understanding of what made Scottsdale tick.  I live in Scottsdale and was jazzed about the Scottsdale Leadership program.  While I was a graduate of Valley Leadership, I felt Scottsdale Leadership had a lot to offer and was worth the investment.

I loved every minute of Scottsdale Leadership Core Program, including the broad scope of focus and the meshing of multiple perspectives with the participation of all sectors: business, non-profit, government and community volunteer leaders.  Our thinking was constantly stimulated to help us better pursue our community service passions and identify new ways to serve the community.

Of course, the Orientation and 90-second commercials were memorable.   The bus tour showed us the variation of neighborhoods from an economic and architectural perspective, diverse commerce clusters and varying terrain in Scottsdale.  The information shared along the way was very valuable.  The range of subject matters was well thought out and impressive.


Through Scottsdale Leadership, we fostered new communication with our neighbors living in the Salt River Pima Indian Community.  Through discussion with these neighbors we gained some much appreciated cross-cultural awareness and an important insight about emerging development that would impact Scottsdale along its borders.  It was terrific learning from the elders and understanding their challenges in planning and coordinating positive change and new developments in their community.

In general, delving into complex policy issues and discussing the multi-layered dynamics of those concerns and opportunities with very diverse perspectives was invigorating and fascinating!  Each day, thoughts raced through my mind of how to enhance our wonderful city.  I repeatedly wanted program days to continue so we could delve further into root causes and innovative solutions.  Several of my classmates suggested that I run for the City Council, sparking my growing public policy interest.

After completing the Core Program, I was elected to the Board of Directors for Scottsdale Leadership, where I served for three years overseeing the Core Programs.  I effectively went through Scottsdale Leadership four times and loved it!  Each year was new and exciting and continuously updated to address the most cutting edge issues and opportunities.  During my Core Program Board tenure we added much more focus on leadership skill development.   I fully embraced the joy and science of leadership and stewardship and wanted to enhance the Scottsdale Leadership participant experience with skill building that would apply in work, community, and even home life.

Since graduating from Scottsdale Leadership, I also participated in Scottsdale Downtown revitalization committees, The Arizona Town Hall focusing on Scottsdale Downtown, and a Scottsdale community development and workforce housing planning process.  I served in a leadership capacity in my Scottsdale neighborhood and on some committees for a Phoenix Bond election; a transformative Indian School Canal Beautification Project that bridges a connection between Phoenix and Scottsdale; and steering committee for the re-development of Arizona Falls.  The project, focused on celebrating this historic site, transformed the canal intersection near 56th St and Indian School into a spectacular project that celebrates water, community, art, function and utility generation.  While walking along the canal, you can now stop at this magical place, take a break from the heat and reflect while being surrounded by waterfalls … that are generating hydroelectricity … while in the desert!

Inspired by the sense of community service principles ingrained in Scottsdale Leadership, I have also been compelled to be engaged and volunteer for several campaigns.  And, I built my own real estate business, which applied some of the knowledge in a business environment.

My community volunteer passion has evolved into a focus on sustainability.  I have come to understand that to have long-term viability as a thriving and livable community, we are wise to substantially elevate our focus on and ability to incorporate sustainable products, business, and life practices as an economic opportunity and imperative.   Thinking with big picture leadership concepts, this is an essential paradigm shift that I see as beneficial in many ways to our society.  I was honored to be the first REALTOR in the State of Arizona to become a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor after an intensive 9 month curriculum.   To learn more and apply it further in my business practices, I have obtained my GREEN designation by the National Association of Realtors Green Resource Council and am working on my Eco Broker certification.   Implementing some of my increased Leadership knowledge, I serve on the Policy Committee at the Green Chamber, which seeks ways to support and create policies and business practices that enable and encourage a healthy mix of sustainable economic development.

I am excited to serve on the U.S. Green Building Council Residential Green Building Committee, where we work on ways to help the public, appraisers, realtors, lenders and others understand how green building can be beneficial on so many levels.

With Scottsdale Leadership skill development underpinnings, I am working on identifying ways to transform a vision and a dream to create a better infrastructure to support market driven green property improvements so Buyers can make more informed decisions and Sellers can get the value they deserve from efficiency and green building improvements that they have incorporated into their property.   I have created a process that Buyers can benefit from to work with energy auditors during the inspection process ecial and lenders who fund multiple property renovations, including energy efficiency improvements, as part of the real estate purchase.   I am pursuing ways to jumpstart an evolved real estate process that will drive our real estate market to demand healthier and higher performance habitats and workplaces.

Scottsdale Leadership increased my knowledge of Scottsdale’s operations, assets and challenges; helped me learn much more about the science of leadership; and broadened my thinking about stewardship and service in ways that can substantially enhance our community.   I am proud to be a graduate of Class 15.

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