Staying Connected by Giving Back

A piece about Randy Nussbaum, Class 4

RandyRandy Nussbaum is like the Energizer Bunny.  Not only does he exude energy and excitement when you meet him in person, he is also passionate about a number of causes in the Valley.  Luckily, Scottsdale Leadership is one of his passions.

Randy grew up in Scottsdale, so his roots run deep.  “My wife says I am true blue Scottsdale,” he  said with a smile.  “She says I’m like a saguaro cactus whose roots have grown so deep that it cannot be uprooted.”

Randy is a member of Class 4.  Prior to being accepted to the class, he had applied for a commission position in Scottsdale and was advised to go through the leadership program first, which he did.  Even though he moved to a law firm in Phoenix the following year, he stayed on the periphery of Leadership attending events and other functions.  He and his wife also became parents to two boys born respectively in 1991 and 1993 so life became quite full for the Nussbaums.  Randy, however, became fond of volunteering and helped organize multiple class days.

In 2001 he was in the process of opening a Scottsdale office for his then law firm and wanted to become more involved with Leadership.  Though initially reluctant to take on the role of Development Chair, the Executive director at the time, Melinda Gullison Gulick, convinced him to do so.  His first meeting was on September 11, 2001.  “Understandably my chairmanship did not get off to a great start,” Randy recalled.

Randy served on the Scottsdale Leadership Board for the next six years and had the privilege of getting to know many of the members of Classes 15-21.  He termed off the board in 2006 but stayed involved by having his firm sponsor class days and as a member of the Events committee.  “I’m the senior statesman on the Events committee,” Randy mused. “I’m the go-to person because I have many connections in the Scottsdale area, having grown up here and being so involved over the years.  My roots are really deep.”

Why does he stay involved after all these years?  “I have a feeling of responsibility to the organization,” he explained.  “I can help it sustain and I also have historical perspective having been through the program some 25 years ago.  I guess you could say I am a true Scottsdale “old timer.”  For his continued involvement and dedication, Randy received the Hodges Alumni Achievement Award in 2012, his proudest professional moment.

How fortunate for Scottsdale Leadership to have such mentors and role models as Randy Nussbaum to pave the way for future leaders not only in Scottsdale but the Valley.

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