Class 34 Special Event

Class 34, Like Never Before!

We have TWO events planned for our class. The first is a happy hour on May 26th just for us. And the second is a party for Class 35 graduation on June 11th! Here are the details:

Fun Thing Number ONE:

Meet at State 48 for Happy Hour with our class.

The purpose of this is to see each other again AND to bring a small amount of your favorite beer or wine to share with Class 35 on their graduation. Have a drink and bring a drink!

  • Where: State 48: 15600 N. Hayden Road. It is by the round-about next to the fancy Harley dealership. Near Hayden and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
  • When: Wednesday, May 26th at 6pm
  • Why: Because we haven’t gotten together yet! AND so you can bring drinks to share with Class 35 on their graduation. (Please bring the beverages in something discreet since we are going to be in a bar.)
  • Who: Class 34, Like Never Before

Fun Thing Number TWO:

You have been invited by Class 35 to come to their graduation party since you didn’t get one!

  • Where: The Homestead at DC Ranch. That address is: 18600 N. 98th ST. 85255
  • When: June 11th at 6pm
    • The class will have already presented their PLIF and they will be graduating at 6pm. That will be a very short little ceremony and after that…time for a party.
  • Why: Because it will be great to meet the next class because we didn’t get a party, because it will be super fun to listen to Joe play guitar, because we will have Dickies BBQ and fancy deserts, and the wonderful beer and wine that you provided because we will have one of those fun photo booths…IT’S A PARTY AND THE WORLD IS SLOWLY GETTING BACK TO NORMAL…SO PLEASE COME!

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