Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scottsdale Leadership?

Scottsdale Leadership is a non-profit organization that develops tomorrow’s community leaders. Its primary program is the interactive, nine-month leadership development Core Program which focuses on how the city, businesses, schools, human service providers and individuals like you, work together to make this a successful community. Scottsdale Leadership is also a network of 1,100+ incredible alumni who have graduated from the Core Program and are making a difference in the community every day. Scottsdale Leadership is a stepping stone to your future passions and purpose.

Why should I apply for Scottsdale Leadership?

If you want to make a positive difference in the future of your community, this program is for you. Scottsdale Leadership provides you with knowledge and connections to help you pay it forward. During Scottsdale Leadership’s nine-month program you’ll become informed about all the things that affect our quality of life, including education, city and state government, economic vitality, arts and culture and many others. Graduating from Scottsdale Leadership means you are ready to be a leader in this community. Be a part of the future of Scottsdale by applying for Scottsdale Leadership.

Will my employer benefit from my participation?

Companies who support their employees participating in Scottsdale Leadership are recognized as good corporate citizens. They gain valuable exposure to the community and its leaders. Being a class member is the most direct way to reach influential members of the community on issues that are important to your company. Your employer will benefit from the relationships you build with city and state elected officials, local business and community leaders and your fellow classmates. Several companies have incorporated Scottsdale Leadership into their employee succession plan.

Who funds Scottsdale Leadership?

Scottsdale Leadership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Funding for the organization comes from corporate sponsors, fundraising events, alumni dues and class tuition. Donations are tax deductible.

What is the organizational structure?

Scottsdale Leadership is governed by a volunteer, working, 20-member Board of Directors. All directors are alumni of Scottsdale Leadership and are responsible for an essential aspect of the organization, including fundraising, community events, the core program and many others. The staff includes the Executive Director, Program & Events Manager, and Office Coordinator who support the strategic directions established by the Board of Directors.

What does a typical Core Program day look like?

Every other week from September to May, class members spend the day gaining an understanding of the history, opportunities and resources in Scottsdale. Some days you will listen to thought-provoking presentations and ask questions of experts in that topic area. Other days you will hop on a bus to see and hear about things in Scottsdale you never knew existed. And, there are days you will demonstrate your leadership skills by planning and implementing class projects.