Core Program

Video: Hear how participation in the Core Program has been life changing for alumni of Scottsdale Leadership


Scottsdale Leadership is a thriving non-profit 501(c) (3) community leadership development organization that directly strengthens Scottsdale and the Valley by:

  • Investing in people at many levels, who return to companies, organizations and our communities as enriched and inspired employees and leaders who also give back through relevant, hands-on community and civic service.
  • Offering its experiential nine-month Scottsdale Leadership Core Program. There are 14 class days addressing many relevant, timely, and comprehensive issues and interest areas.

Highlights of participation include: access to community decision-makers; opportunities to discuss current community issues; leadership development programming and opportunities; behind-the-scenes tours of community facilities; and connecting with Scottsdale Leadership’s alumni “brain trust” of more than 1,161 individuals from 35 previous classes.  The Core Program consists of the following: 

Orientation Evening – This is a mandatory meeting for all participants of Class 36 that will prepare you for your Core Program experience!

Welcome Class & Reception – This is a mandatory class day followed by a welcome reception where you will connect with fellow classmates, alumni, Board of Directors, stakeholders, and corporate partners.

Topics – learn about the many inter-related dimensions that make up a community (Education, Local Infrastructure, Sustainability, Social Services, Diversity & Inclusion, City & State Government, Public Safety, Arts, Technology and more).

Project Lead It Forward – in this signature component of Scottsdale Leadership, the Class is arranged into several project teams. Each team addresses an authentic need in the community and develops a high-impact project that addresses that need.  A project showcase and celebration is held in the spring.

The Commitment: 14 program days over nine months (approximately every other Friday,  September-May). 40 – 60 additional hours will be invested outside of class on Project Lead It Forward.


Value & Benefits to Employees/ Class Participants:

Scottsdale Leadership is recognized for turning out stellar leaders. The benefits of going through Scottsdale Leadership’s Core Program include:

  • Gaining an understanding of “big picture” issues, becoming well-connected in the community and garnering leadership skills.
  • Stepping into a network of alumni and stakeholders who provide unrivaled opportunities for support, connections and partnerships from prominent city and business leaders.
  • Creating an elevated company profile in the community.
  • Meeting potential business prospects through Scottsdale Leadership connections.
  • Participating in a cost effective professional development program. This is a key selling point and investment for budget-conscious managers.

Employer Benefits:

Give us Someone Good. We’ll Give You Back Someone Better™  

  • National companies are seen as a local company which chooses to continue to invest and strengthen its communities.
  • Local companies gain a rich network of potential partners and future employees.
  • As participants graduate from Core Program, brand ambassadors grow within the community at a much deeper level.
  • Emergenetics provides individuals with increased confidence and a better understanding of self, team function and an individual’s unique value and natural behaviors and thought processes.
  • Investing in employees through the Scottsdale Leadership Core Program shows your value of them, with the potential of longer retention and commitment.