Selection Criteria

This year, we will hold interviews in early June 2021 to participate in Scottsdale Leadership’s interactive Core Program.

Candidates are not required to live or work in Scottsdale but should meet one or more of the following qualifications:

  • desire to improve the greater Scottsdale community by giving their time, talent and financial resources
  • volunteer participation in one or more community organizations
  • represent a unique and important perspective about a particular aspect of our community
  • contribute to the diversity of the class by their age, religion, race, profession or background

Following a review of the online application and two (2) references, candidates may be invited for a personal interview. After the interviews, the selection panel will select the individuals who will be invited to participate in the Core Program.

Many Scottsdale Leadership alumni were not selected the first year they applied. Candidates who are not chosen are encouraged to apply again the following year and will receive invitations to Scottsdale Leadership events and activities.

Click here for more information about applying to Scottsdale Leadership.