Business Leadership Award


People are the soul of Scottsdale and businesses are the heart. Businesses bring the people, they build the economy and they speak volumes for the value, depth and longevity of our community. More importantly, it is the business owner, the business culture and the business sense of community that really brings pride to Scottsdale. It isn’t the size, but the community heart, that matters most. The Business Leadership Award honors an organization that positively impacts Scottsdale and the community as a whole. The Business Leadership Award recognizes a company that promotes and exemplifies leadership and community service values.

The Business Leadership Award is based on:

  • Community Service and Involvement: A record of community service by the company’s leadership and/or employees which demonstrates commitment to Scottsdale Leadership’s core values: Engagement – Inclusion – Connection – Courage – Stewardship.
  • Leadership: Recognition by others as a community leader. Accomplishment of significant goals that benefit the community by the company’s leadership and/or employees.
  • Consistency of Community Involvement: Contributions have been over an extended period of time.
  • Humanitarian Values: The company’s leadership and employees promote and exemplify warmth, caring and concern for those of varying backgrounds and constituencies which is demonstrated through community involvement.

Business Leadership Award recipients
2015 – Cactus Flower Florists
2014 – The Phoenician
2013 – SRP
2012 – Wells Fargo
2011 – Merrill Lynch
2010 – Mayo Clinic
2009 – APS
2008 – Scottsdale Insurance Company