Drinkwater Leadership Award

Herb Drinkwater photo

The Drinkwater Community Leadership Award reminds us that many people knew Herb Drinkwater, often referred to as “Mr. Scottsdale”. No matter who he was speaking with, he had a wide smile, a warm demeanor, a friendly handshake and a gusto for life as extraordinary as an Arizona sunrise. The Honorable Herb Drinkwater was fearless. Business cards in hand, he was always willing to introduce Scottsdale to people who may be interested or willing to move their business to Scottsdale; he served more than 25 years as Scottsdale’s Mayor and as a City Council member. Herb is remembered as a friend to everyone; as mayor his approval rating was more than 90%! It is because of Herb’s on-purpose living and positive intent for the community he loved, that Scottsdale Leadership honors a community leader with the Drinkwater Award each year.

Nominations for the 2021 Drinkwater Award are open

Nominations are based on contributions in:

  • Community Service and Involvement: A record of community service which demonstrates commitment to Scottsdale Leadership’s core values: Engagement – Inclusion – Connection – Courage – Stewardship.
  • Leadership: Recognition by others as a leader. Accomplishment of significant goals through the person’s leadership.
  • Consistency of Community Involvement: Contributions have been consistent over an extended period of time.
  • Humanitarian Values: The nominee exemplifies warmth, caring and concern for those of varying backgrounds and constituencies, and can work well with different groups of people.

Please note: Scottsdale Leadership alumni are not eligible for this award.

Drinkwater Leadership Award Recipients

2020- Janie Ellis

2019- Bill Walton

2018- Diane Cusack

2017- Charlie Smith

2016 – Tom Sadvary

2015 – The Honorable Mary Manross

2014 – Bill Schrader

2013 – Gary Shapiro

2012 – Mary King

2011 – Rachel Sacco

2010 – Betty Drake

2009 – Marc Miller

2008 – William “Bill” Soderquist

2007 – Tim Bray

2006 – William “Bill” Mack

2005 – Sam Campana

2004 – Don Ruff

2003 – Paul R. Messinger

2002 – William “Bill” Jenkins

2001 – Marion Saba

2000 – Frances Young

1999 – Art DeCabooter, Ph. D.

1998 – Jim Bruner