Hodges Alumni Achievement Award


The Hodges Alumni Achievement Award honors a Scottsdale Leadership alumni who illustrates the passion and commitment Frank Hodges had for his community. As an Assistant Fire Chief with Rural Metro and Class 1 alumnus of Scottsdale Leadership, Frank’s dedication to the people of Scottsdale knew no boundaries.  His efforts were tireless, his days were long, but it was never work to Frank, he simply found great satisfaction as a firefighter and by helping and involvement with the people of his community. Frank’s legacy lives on through the lives he touched. His life, spirit and dedication are honored through this annual Alumni Achievement award.

Nominations are closed.

Nominations are based on contributions in:

  • Community Service and Involvement: A record of community service which demonstrates commitment to Scottsdale Leadership’s core values: Engagement – Inclusion – Connection – Courage – Stewardship.
  • Leadership: Recognition by others as a leader. Accomplishment of significant goals through the person’s leadership.
  • Consistency of Community Involvement: Contributions have been consistent over an extended period of time.
  • Humanitarian Values: The nominee exemplifies warmth, caring and concern for those of varying backgrounds and constituencies and can work well with different groups of people.

Hodges Alumni Achievement Award Recipients

2020- Lisa Randall, Class XXVIII

2019- Jim Ford, Class VIII

2018- Suzanne Walden Wells, Class XVI

2017- Marion Kelly, Class XVII

2016 – Dennis Robbins, Class VII

2015 – Dr. Frances Mills-Yerger, Class XVI

2014 – Todd Hornback, Class XIII

2013 – Doreen Reinke, Class XVII

2012 – Randy Nussbaum, Class IV

2011 – Mark Eberle, Class VI

2010 – Abbie Fink, Class XVII &
            Hope Ozer, Class III

2009 – Linda Milhaven, Class VIII

2008 – Kurt M. Brueckner, Class II

2007 – Tina Brown, Class XV &
            Melinda Gulick, Class XIV

2006 – Ted Tyler, Class XVI

2005 – Craig Miller, Class VII

2004 – Katherine Cecala, Class XII

2003 – Sheri Statt Bercaw, Class II

2002 – Joan Fudala, Class IX

2001 – Karl Keierleber, Class VI

2000 – Cindy Slick, Class IV

1999 – Robert Howard, Jr., Class I

1998 – Carla, Class VII

1997 – Carolyn Allen, Class I

1996 – Diana M. Smith, Class III

1995 – Virginia Korte, Class III

1994 – Eileen Rogers, Class II

1993 – Douglas Sydnor, Class II

1992 – Elisa Brancati, Class IV &
           Wendy Springborn, Class V

1991 – Tom Silverman, Class I